Welcome to A+ Preparatory Learning Academy, “Where we empower students to shape the world.”

For the past 22 years I have indulged in the world of education.  As a graduate from Brenau University (Cum Laude) with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education, and a minor in Special Education, it has been a long-term goal of mine to own and direct an academy where I could combine Christianity and education.

My professional mission encourages me to be committed to ensuring that the experiences children and their families receive here at A+ will foster positive self-esteem, encourage creativity, and facilitate independent thinking. Along with that, my professional vision encourages me to prepare our children to be self-confident prepared citizens who can achieve full development of their potential, and who exhibit through their characters and integrity a commitment to be productive contributors to their community.

Through this mission and vision, I am mentor, model, and motivator. Mentor – who assist with sound advice on “best practice” in the world of early childhood education. A Model – of excellence at all times, demonstrating the posture and pleasure of what it means to be an early childhood educator. A Motivator – inspiring and igniting the flame in all who commit to creating life success for children.

Throughout my journey I have pursued the role as a Teacher Assistant, Lead Teacher, Center Director, Executive Director, and now owner and director of A.P.L.A. (A+ Preparatory Learning Academy). My professional and successful past experience have equipped me with the essential tools and skills to make A+ an excellent academy.

My duties and love for children will never end. As an educator I see children as treasured resources of the school and the community. Each child brings a unique quality.  My duty as an educator is to encourage and uplift to promote the positive self-fulfilling prophecy of success. I have a deep desire to love, nurture and inspire children from the moment they enter my domain.  I am determined to build a strong foundation of the essentials that will allow students to be their best.

Welcome again to A+ Preparatory Learning Academy, where we are committed to providing quality Christian Education.

Mrs. Bridgett Friend

A+ Preparatory Learning Academy - 100 Dudley Dr. - Ellenwood, GA 30294 - 770.389.0173